"Hasta Barista, Baby!"

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"Finding satisfaction in your life and work is a lot like brewing a great cup of coffee.  The quality of a cup of coffee has never been determined by the number of beans in the pot.  What really matters is how those beans are grown, ground, roasted, and brewed.   Brewing is a lot like teaching."

Whether you are planning an in-service program, advisor workshop, or faculty appreciation day, Bob Tryanski offers educators the perfect mix of humor, insight, and perspective on the challenges involved in being an educator. His experience as a student, student leader, teacher and coach allows him to address these challenges from a comprehensive, first-hand perspective.

In this memorable program for faculty and staff, Bob challenges your faculty and staff to recognize and appreciate the long-term impact of the memories and opportunities they create for young people throughout their career.  Bob encourages educators to reaffirm their commitment to teaching by rediscovering the hidden rewards of the education profession.  He introduces five key principles for re-charging your batteries, avoiding burn out, and finding fulfillment in an achievement-driven world.  He anchors those principles in a memorable coffee-brewing metaphor and challenges your faculty and staff with one simple transformative question: 

"What would happen if you re-focused just 10% of the time you spend bringing out the best in your students and committed that time to bring out the best in your colleagues?"

Bob's trademark is remarkable ability to tell stories, but his stories are different. Bob was not raised by wolves, his parents never set him on fire and his life story will not be the focus of a reality TV show or your next staff development program. Instead, Bob tells stories about the amazing teachers he has met and the powerful lessons he has learned from them.  The stories are filled with hope, devoid of hype, and delivered with wit and wisdom.  They will stay with your faculty and staff long after the assembly is over and give them the courage and confidence to say "Hasta Barista, Baby!"


Bob Tryanski

Bob Tryanski

What's the Buzz?

I don't know about you, but 've seen a lot of lousy movies; I've read some awful books, and I've even bumped into one or two mediocre motivational speakers from time to time.  What's the one thing they all have in common? A page of pretty meaningless endorsements and deliriously enthusiastic testimonial quotes!   

I've been to marketing workshops that encourage speakers to pester every client for an testimonial quote or to write the quotes yourself and then send them off to celebrities for their endorsement. I don't want to pester my clients; I'm not going to insult your intelligence.

I would much rather connect you with some of the wonderful people I've worked with over the years, so you can ask specific questions and get a real sense of my work.  If you would be kind enough to give me your name, email address and phone number.  I will put you in touch with some really excellent people.


Bob Tryanski

Bob Tryanski

How do we get the ball rolling?

I would love to work with you and to do everything I can to make your event enjoyable, engaging, and effective.  If you can give us some basic information about your organization, event, and desired outcomes, we'll get right back to you!

Bob Tryanski

Bob Tryanski

What's the bottom line?

If your school is anything like the other organizations I work with, funding is always a big concern.  Don't worry; my fee structure is simple, sensitive to school budgets, and inclusive of travel expenses.  There are also plenty of ways to reduce costs and to make a visit VERY affordable.  If you are willing to get creative, I will do everything I can to make it work.  

I would love to learn more about your event and to share some ideas about reducing costs.  We might even be able to create a budget-neutral (i.e. FREE!) opportunity.

Top 10

What's the buzz? How do we get the ball rolling? What's the bottom line?

Key Ideas

Top 10 questions that should remain unanswered

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