Reaching the Silent Majority

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There's a big difference between
LEADERSHIP and maintenance.

Who are you reaching? What opportunities are you creating? Would things be any different if you weren’t in the lead?

Walk into any school in America on any given day in any given year.  You’ll find two groups of people: the “Above Average Alliance” and the “Silent Majority.”  Every school has students that are engaged and students that are disconnected.  What are your student leaders doing to change that dynamic, to actually reach the students who are disconnected, and to make them feel like “it’s their school, too!”

The majority of the students in your school are not members of the Student Council, Key Club, Future Business Leaders of America or the National Honor Society.  They do not com­pete on your athletic teams; they have never dated any of the members of the homecoming court.  Many have never had their names entered on the honor roll and some will not be going to college.

Too often, student leaders and the members of the “Above Average Alliance” see the “Silent Majority” as a bunch of cliques, label them as the opposition, and brand them as the enemy.  What would happen if more student leaders started seeing the Silent Majority as diverse, vital, interest groups and figured out how to make those groups feel like “it’s their school too?”

Bob Tryanski’s “Reaching the Silent Majority” program provides student leaders with the inspiration, tools, and resources they need to change their perspective and impact school climate in a positive, significant way.  Bob offers student leaders more than an inspirational keynote.  He has a full curriculum, interactive activities, and planning tools to help your student leaders identify the wide array of interest groups in your school and create an action plan to connect with those interests and needs.

Most student leaders don’t need a motivational speech.  They wouldn’t be at your conference, workshop, or retreat if they weren’t motivated.  Bob Tryanski offers student leaders a challenge: Do you have the confidence and character to step out of the spotlight and create opportunities for others to shine?

Bob Tryanski

Bob Tryanski

What's the Buzz?

I don't know about you, but I've seen a lot of lousy movies; I've read some awful books, and I've bumped into one or two mediocre motivational speakers from time to time. What's the one thing they all have in common? A page of amazing endorsements and gushing testimonial quotes!

I would much rather connect you directly with some of the wonderful people I've worked with over the years. I think you should have the chance to ask specific questions and to get a real sense of my work instead of my ability to gather endorsements. If you would be kind enough to give me some contact information, I will put you in touch with some honest, insightful, actual people.


Bob Tryanski

Bob Tryanski

How do we get the ball rolling?

I would love to work with you and to do everything I can to make your event enjoyable, engaging, and effective.  If you can give us some basic information about your organization, event, and desired outcomes, we'll get right back to you!

Bob Tryanski

Bob Tryanski

What's the bottom line?

If your school is anything like the other organizations I work with, funding is always a big concern.  Don't worry; my fee structure is simple, sensitive to school budgets, and inclusive of travel expenses.  There are also plenty of ways to reduce costs and to make a visit VERY affordable.  If you are willing to get creative, I will do everything I can to make it work.  

I would love to learn more about your event and to share some ideas about reducing costs.  We might even be able to create a budget-neutral (i.e. FREE!) opportunity.



What's the buzz?How do we get the ball rolling? What's the bottom line?

Key Ideas


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